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Airport transfers with AAA minicabs

AAA Minicabs Airport transfers

With more than 40 years of experience delivering airport transfers across London, AAA Minicabs delivers a reliable, prompt and efficient service for all airport transfers.

With highly competitive rates, travel in style to your destination without the worry of finding directions or shelling out on expensive airport parking.

Whether you are travelling for work or leisure with family and friends, trust us to deliver a comfortable, safe and dependable airport transfers service.


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Follow our top tips to make sure your airport transfers experience runs as smooth as possible…


Before you leave the house…

  1. Check in online to avoid the queues at the airport. You can usually check in online up to 24 hours prior to your flight.
  2. Find out if your airline charges additional fees for baggage and/or an additional fee if you check your bags in person at the airport. Save yourself time and money and check your bags online at home before leaving.
  3. Verify what the airline’s weight limits are for baggage. To avoid unwanted charges, weigh your bags at home to make sure they’re not overweight. If they are overweight, remove or redistribute some items, or prepare to pay extra.
  4. Make sure you have all your travel documentation stored safely in one place that’s easy to access.
  5. If you’re travelling with a carry-on bag, make sure there are no full-size toiletries inside. All liquids and gels must be stored in a clear plastic quart-sized bag.
  6. Ensure you’re not travelling with any prohibited item or they’ll be confiscated at the airport.


At the airport…

  1. If you’ve checked in online, drop off your baggage (if applicable), and go to the security line.
  2. If you haven’t checked-in online prior to arrival, check in at a kiosk or in person at a check-in desk.
  3. After checking in by kiosk, drop off bags at the appropriate counter.
  4. Have your passport and boarding pass out for the security line.


At the security gate…

  1. Take off your shoes, belt, and any jewellery that may set off the metal detector. Make sure there is no loose change or other items in your pockets. Place all items in a tray on the conveyor belt.
  2. If you have a clear plastic bag of liquids or gels in your carry-on bag, take it out and place it in a tray next to your shoes, belt, etc.
  3. Place your bags and coat on the conveyor belt.
  4. If you are travelling with a laptop, take it out of its carrier case and onto the screening belt. Make sure it is charged or you have your battery to hand just in case security ask to see or examine the equipment.
  5. Reclaim your items and head toward the gate.


At the gate…

You’re almost done! Before you board the plane, check the following:

  1. Make sure your carry-on fits the aircraft’s overhead dimensions. Usually, there is a sample crate at your gate to determine if your bag will fit.
  2. Check to see if there is hot food served on board your flight. If not, you may want to purchase food and drink from the shops/restaurants in your terminal.
  3. If you have small children or a disability, you may be able to get advanced boarding privileges. Ask at the gate.


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